By Ariana Teachey

Your wedding day will be filled with love, fun and if we’re being completely honest, it can get a little bit hectic. With all the chaos there are a few essentials you might forget, but we’ve got you covered!

A Pretty Hanger

Every bride wants that gorgeous photo of her dress hanging in a sun lit spot to show it off! Be sure to have a pretty hanger handy because it just doesn’t look the same on a plastic one.  We suggest checking out Etsy — they have tons of choices from glitter-covered options to your future last name on them! If you are in a panic on the day of for something non-plastic, check the closets for a nice wooden hanger that will do the trick.


You took so much time finding the perfect gift for your soon-to-be husband, bridal party and family members.  Be sure to bring them along with you so that you can pass them out and have the photographer capture the emotion when they open it!

Champagne Flutes, Cake Knife and Server

These are items that you usually receive as gifts during your bridal shower or engagement party.  Make sure you pack them with your other décor and be sure they are placed on your cake table.  Personally, I received a gorgeous set of Kate Spade flutes, but with all of the hustle and bustle, I completely forgot them at home. So, take a lesson from me, and put them on a list and pack them when you think about them!

Invitation Suite

Tuck one away so that you can have your photographer take a photo of your suite on the day of.  Be sure to include a save the date as well!

Julie J. Photography
Julie J. Photography

Eat and Stay Hydrated

Designate one of your bridesmaids to be sure that you eat the morning of and leading up to the ceremony.  It’s so easy to forget or feel like you don’t want to because you might have a little bit of butterflies; however, you don’t want to go around ‘hangry’ or feel woozy at the altar!  Also, be sure to drink water to stay hydrated, especially if you are getting married outside on a warm day.

Makeup for Touchups

Have a small makeup bag handy with your lipstick, blotting papers, etc. That way it’s all in one place, and trust us, you will need these items throughout the day.

Keep this list with you and be on top of your bridal game! Happy wedding day!

Featured image: Shalese Danielle Photography