By Amanda Perry

Myth: “I can’t afford on location hair and makeup, that seems like a luxury.”

Truth: YES, YOU CAN! This service is becoming more popular as the years go by, and what may have once seemed out of reach is no longer a budget buster. After you factor in the time spent driving to a salon to get ready, then traveling back to your ceremony, you will have saved yourself a lot of effort and time while still spending the same amount of money.

Myth: “I don’t need a team to come to me because I already promised my hairdresser that she could be the one to make me pretty on the big day.”

Truth: What about your bridesmaids? Mothers? Attendants? More than likely, your hairdresser doesn’t specialize in wedding day styles, so it might take him or her a little longer than a professional would. What we suggest is to have him or her do your look but hire a team to take care of everyone else. It’s less stressful for the hairdresser but still special to have that person working on your wedding day look.

Myth: “It doesn’t seem worth it to pay a lot for wedding hair and makeup.”

Truth: A lot of factors go into the cost of bridal hair and makeup. Does a team back up the person you’re choosing, or is he or she solo without another stylist to take over in case of emergency? Are there reviews and testimonials from real brides who have had great experiences? Has the team been around for many years to establish themselves as experts in the market? It’s very important to consider all these things. You don’t want to leave your wedding day hair and makeup to a “once in a while” stylist! It’s your “once in a lifetime” day, so go ahead and splurge with confidence that you’ll look your best!

Nat Wongsaroj Photography
Nat Wongsaroj Photography

Myth : “I don’t need hair and makeup on my wedding day. I don’t wear much makeup ever!”

Truth : Even though you may go without makeup on a regular basis, this is a truly special occasion.  Plus, you have to think about all the photos that will be taken of you. You want to be looking your best! A professional makeup artist doesn’t need to be someone who just “cakes on” every product they have in their kit. A true professional should be able to listen to the client’s requests, whether their preference is to be more natural or super glam! That’s the beauty of makeup: it can enhance anyone and accomplish any look or style.

Amanda Perry is a Master Stylist and CEO for Lou Stevens Glam Squad, an award-winning on location hair & makeup team. Visit for more information.

Featured image: Julie J. Photography