By Jake Anderson

We experience lighting so much in our everyday life that we barely even notice it.   When it comes to the use of lighting for a wedding, the impact is much stronger and affects so many aspects of the event.   It has the power to completely transform a room. When you change the light, change the room!

Lighting affects how everything looks.   The room, the flowers, the food, the people – lighting will touch everything.   The lighting design should highlight the best parts of your wedding and make every detail look it’s best.

Lighting affects the mood and atmosphere.   Setting the mood is critical to any wedding reception.   It all starts with the lighting.   How the lighting is designed should be a direct representation of the individual style and personality of the couple.   Whether your vision is one of high elegance in a ballroom setting or a casual outdoor wedding that is surrounded by nature and scenic views, the lighting design should blend with those aesthetics.

Lighting affects your photographs.   The word photography stems from it’s Greek origin meaning “writing with light.”   Creating balance and just the right amount of contrast in the lighting design can result in stunning photographs that you will be admiring for a lifetime.

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Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Lighting affects your design.   Lighting is a critical part of your event’s decor and should be designed in a way that flows with every detail at your reception from the tables, linens, flowers, props, furniture, and the surroundings of the event space.   A professional lighting design company will be able to listen to ideas and make recommendations that will compliment the vision you have in mind for the big day.

Don Mears Photography
Don Mears Photography

Don’t let lighting be last on your list!   Contact a professional lighting design company to take your wedding to the next level.

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Featured image: William Mahone Photography