By Paula Clark Ramirez

At the end of the night, there are few things you’ll want more than a late-night bite and a pillow to catch your head! While the pillow can wait, why not share some of your favorite snacks with your wedding guests? After hours of dance floor moves, you’ll all surely have worked up an appetite again!

Late-night munchies are also a great opportunity to showcase a bit of your personality, including a flavor profile that may not have fit into the dinner menu. For example, you may choose not to revolve your menu around your Southern roots, but offering pulled pork sliders at the end of the night would certainly be a special send-off.

Trendy Tastes

Options for end-of-the-night nibbles are virtually endless. Comfort foods are always a crowd favorite, from mini burgers and fries to tacos and salsa. Ethnic foods are also on the rise with dishes like sushi and empanadas making a splash. Grab-and-go is the norm for late-night grub so guests can choose to take them as they leave or mingle while they snack.

Couples are also happily hiring food trucks to arrive as the night winds down so guests can grab fun treats like donuts or mini waffles. “Make-your-own” options are also a fun way to engage guests. Ice cream sandwich bars, popcorn stations, or hot dog assembly tables are all great ideas for guests to customize their own send-off treats.

Of course, no snack would be complete without a complementary beverage to go with it! Pairing coffee with sweets or beer with burgers not only adds an extra element of personalization, but it also ensures that each and every guest leaves feeling refreshed.

Tips of the Trade

While choosing the flavors may be the most difficult part of coordinating late-night snacks, there are a handful of other considerations to keep in mind to ensure it goes as planned.

First and foremost, check out the kitchen on-site to confirm it’s prepared to keep the food safe and fresh until the time comes. This may not be required as some companies may deliver the snacks just before they’re served. If food needs to be refrigerated or toasted prior to serving, however, it’s important to make sure it’s possible!

Make sure that the food truck, snack bar or treat display is placed in a prominent place so that all of your guests can easily see and access it. It can help to have the emcee announce it just to make sure everyone is aware.  There’s no point providing snacks if no one knows about them!

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In the past several years, two trends have risen to popularity – personalization and the guest experience. Why not combine these aspects into one grand send-off? Get creative and show your guests what you really love, be it mac and cheese or chocolate chip cookies!

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