By: Louise Strickland with My Special Day

While wedding etiquette is a topic that has been thoroughly explored by the experts and professionals, wedding websites or “wedsites” as they are sometimes known, are a relatively new frontier for engaged couples. Like anything else related to weddings, there are some guidelines that couples should be conscious of, especially when it comes to your online presence.

We’ve compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate the etiquette surrounding wedding websites!

Should I include event details such as the bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner on my website?

Unless all of your guests are invited to the events, don’t include them on your website! Traditionally, these events are exclusive and by invitation only, while your wedding website is a hub of information for ALL of your guests. Making the details of these events public not only runs the risk of rubbing your guests the wrong way, but it also opens up the possibility for party crashers!

Is it okay to include registry information?

While registry information should never be included on Save the Dates or wedding invitations, the wedding website is the perfect place to let your guests know where you’ve registered. You can even take it one step further by adding links directly to your online registry so guests can shop from the convenience of their computers.

Are bridal party bios necessary?

While the information you provide on your website is up to you, truthfully, it would be best not to include bridal party bios. The wedding should be all about you and your future spouse while your bridal party is there to lend support. Plus, you MAY have some friends attending the wedding who have hurt feelings about not being included in the wedding party. Whether or not you decide to include wedding party bios, please remember to keep it G-rated!

Bonus Tip: 

In the age of social media, it can be extremely tempting to share wedding details on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Announcing your engagement and sharing photos from the events is perfectly acceptable, but please refrain from doing a countdown, sharing a timeline of events, or linking your registry. Think of all of the people you are connected with on social media — a very small minority will actually be included in the celebrations. By sharing too much wedding info on social media, you are opening yourself up to a barrage of questions, whether they come from a place of well meaning or not!

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