Cue the Live Music: Richmond VA Wedding Bands

By Shalese Kocher

Weddings are all about ambiance, and nothing sets the scene quite like live music. A live singer or string ensemble can be the perfect addition to the environment you’re creating for your guests.


During the ceremony portion of your wedding day, music plays two important roles: it sets the scene for this important event and signals what’s about to happen! Music lets your guests know when it’s time to get settled in their seats and to expect the processional to begin. Of course, string ensembles are quite popular to set a more formal, elegant tone for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Plus, live musicians are able to read the crowd and the speed of the ceremony to ensure that music stops and starts at the best time.

In RVA, string ensembles can run from $200 for a soloist to $1,000 for an experienced, highly trained quartet. Jacqueline Spears, owner of Lyric String Quartet, matches ensembles to each individual couple to ensure a good fit. Jacqueline tells us, “You can try to hire a high school or college musician to play, but they simply won’t have the finely honed skills that our trained musicians do. Basically, you get what you pay for!”


If you’re the type of couple who enjoys beautiful music AND soulful lyrics, a singer/songwriter is a great option for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. This performer is meant to set the tone without being the center of attention. Jocelyn Oldham, a talented singer/songwriter based in RVA, says, “I think the misconception people have when they consider live music is that they don’t really want the band/musician to be the focus, but they also may feel bad if guests aren’t clapping. Couples want background music but feel like that’s not how it works . . . but that IS how it works! I make a set list beforehand and make songs flow into one another so there aren’t long gaps in between where people feel like they may need to clap. I like to make it all flow and stay at a volume where I can be heard by everyone without overpowering the room.”

richmond va wedding bands


Nothing gets people on their feet quite like a live band! There’s something to be said about the excitement that live music and a rocking band creates. Jocelyn jokes, “If you want a loud, bumpin’ dance party, I’m not the right fit for your reception!” But fear not, there are plenty of live bands in Richmond who will make sure your reception is one to remember!

richmond va wedding bands

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