Building Stronger Relationships with Marriage Counseling

In all the excitement of wedding planning, no one wants to think about divorce. Trust us, it’s not something we want to talk about in a wedding magazine either! But with roughly 50% of marriages ending in divorce or separation, it’s something we HAVE to talk about! After all, getting married is far more than planning a celebration — it’s planning the rest of your life.

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Now what if we told you that there is something you can do to cut down your chances of experiencing divorce by 30%? That’s a no-brainer! Studies show that attending premarital counseling as a couple will decrease your chances of divorce by a third.

This is where Rebecca Blackwell and the team Marriage & Relationship Coaches come in. Marriage Coaching & Training RVA is a preferred partner of the Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities through healthy relationships, marriages, fathers, and families. Whether you’re single, engaged, married, or in a long-term relationship, there are relationship coaching and engaging programs that provide the practical tools for building strong and fulfilling relationships.

After chatting with Rebecca about premarital coaching and the other incredible programs FFVA has to offer, we were ready to sign up for a session ourselves! With 15 years of experience working with couples, certifications in several Marriage and Relationship Coaching programs, and her own 27 years of marriage, Rebecca has plenty of insight to share into what it takes to build strong foundations. She also has a clear passion for helping others form marriages just like the ones she grew up admiring.

“My grandma always said, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger,’” Rebecca remembers. As she watched her parents navigate 58 years of marriage, Rebecca learned the importance of family, faith, and solid communication. Though her father has passed, he left Rebecca with strong roots, and she continues to honor his legacy by finding the silver lining of every situation and helping others develop those same strong roots.

“This is not your old-fashioned premarital counseling,” Rebecca says. “It’s your opportunity to connect and talk about what WILL happen, what COULD happen, and the good and the bad of being married.” Some of the topics Rebecca covers in her sessions include communication, problem solving, sex and affection, finances, children and parenting, spiritual beliefs, family, and friends.

Not sure if premarital counseling is something you need? Ask yourself if you and your partner have had successful conversations about a few things:

· How soon do you want children?
· How many children do you want?
· How will both families be involved in the marriage?
· How would you handle job loss or a sudden move?
· What type of roles and responsibilities do you see yourself taking around the house?

If you haven’t discussed at least a few of these topics as a couple, you may not be setting up a strong foundation for your future! Your sessions with Rebecca will be a safe space to share your feelings, make plans, and grow as a couple. Those big topics seem a lot less scary when someone is guiding the discussion!

By Rebecca Blackwell with Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia. To learn more, please reach out to, visit, or follow Marriage Coaching & Training on Instagram at @marriagecoachrva and FFVA @fatherhoodfoundationva