The Importance of Wedding Entertainment – Tips for Hiring the Right People

By Frank Guertler with Bunn DJ Company

A crucial mistake some couples make is underestimating the importance of the entertainment on their special day. Whether it’s a DJ or a band, hiring a professional takes the weight off your shoulders and ensures your guests have the best time possible.

There’s so much more to being a good DJ than hitting play. In fact, a professional DJ should do more than just worry about the music. So, before hiring your sister’s boyfriend’s brother to DJ your wedding for free booze, consider the following:

Without professional coordination, it’s easy for your wedding to go off the rails.
Not every couple hires a wedding planner or day-of coordinator. For those who don’t, having a DJ who understands the importance of making sure everyone knows what and when everything is happening is crucial. Your guests need to know when the important elements of your day are happening, and the DJ should be preparing before the wedding day. He or she should also coordinate closely with your venue and other professionals on the day of your wedding. We’re all a team working in the background to make sure the only thing you’re worrying about is when to take a break from dancing!

A professional should get back to you quickly.
When you’re looking for a reputable DJ or DJ company, waiting a week for a reply to your inquiry should be a red flag.

Professionals use professional grade equipment.
We won’t get too technical here, but hiring someone with good gear makes a difference. Not only does it mean they care enough about their business to invest a lot of money on quality equipment, it also ensures that the likelihood of something going wrong on YOUR day is a lot lower than someone who’s pieced together gear. Don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of their setup.

A good DJ knows how to get everyone dancing.
It takes years of work to become a good DJ. It takes practice, experience, and a love for all types of music to be successful. Finding a “Best Wedding Songs” playlist online doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to have a good time. Every event is different, and a professional DJ should be able to read what your guests are enjoying and adapt their song selection to the crowd. After all, you want grandma to be getting down just as hard as your maid of honor!

At the end of the day, you want to consider what your guests will take home with them. Make sure they take away great memories of a wedding they’ll talk about for years because your entertainment was on point!

Frank Guertler is the Owner and one of the DJs at Bunn DJ Company, a Richmond based wedding, and private events DJ service. You can find him on Instagram @bunndjrva or @djfrankierva. To learn more visit