Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

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By Susan Edmunds with Edmunds Waste Removal

When it comes to creating a memorable wedding, it’s important to include some eye-catching details. Customized seating charts are an excellent way to enhance your décor and make your event stand out. Here is some inspiration to help you start fashioning your own personalized seating chart.

RW Tip: Talk with your Venue and/or Wedding Planner about seating chart ideas amidst COVID-19 regulations. Consider seating family members together or guests from the same area to reduce the spread.

Map It:
Place cards can be a thing of the past, your guests can navigate to their table using a map instead. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Personal Photos:
Pull out the old photo albums and find headshots of your guests! Incorporate the photos in place of a simple handwritten name. Your guests will love your effort and the personal touch.

Wall Décor:
Choose your favorite style wall décor and hang your seating chart instead. You can use photo frames, a chalkboard, or any other method that ties into your theme.

Hang It Up:
If you decide not to park a seating chart in the entryway, hang place cards over individual tables instead.

Make it Personal:
This day is all about you! Create an individualized seating chart with an oversized photo of you and the groom in the background. This will give your seating chart a creative and personal flare. As long as your guests are able to navigate to their seats easily, the sky is the limit when creating a unique seating chart.

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