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Meet…. me! I’m Rachel Moore, Social Media Coordinator intern for Richmond Weddings™, AND RECENTLY ENGAGED!!! I get the amazing opportunity to turn couples’ love stories into fairytales and show off all of Richmond’s beautiful weddings. Let’s get to know each other!

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If you care to share, how did you get to where you are now? When I was in my sophomore year of high school I got the opportunity to work as a bridal stylist with a local bridal boutique. I fell in love with the industry and had the chance to learn so much throughout the process. Our social media when I came on board needed some work. My former boss pretty much let me take the reins and completely give our media presence a makeover. I recreated the website and built up the social platforms. My former boss ended up becoming one of my best friends and as I headed to college clueless as to what on earth I wanted to study, she encouraged me to take up marketing because she could see the passion I had for it. I was able to stay on the team as their social media manager throughout my first semester of college until the company sold. I knew that I still loved working with social media, and more specifically in the wedding industry. I took a leap and opened up a job search platform and I was instantly drawn to one, Richmond Weddings, social media intern. I applied, met Amye and Scott, and have been able to learn so much about how to market a company and the wedding world.

What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you? Now that I’m engaged, I understand about planning a wedding and the stress of it all. Richmond Weddings makes that stress a little easier to manage. It’s essentially a “one-stop shop” for your planning process. It’s so easy to click the vendor lists, click what type of vendor you are looking for, and pick through the ones that are your perfect fit. We also have blogs that you can turn to when needing advice, inspiration, or knowledge about different obstacles throughout your journey. The blogs also give our audience a chance to know the personality behind the vendors. It gives partners looking to get married a sense of community and understanding that they aren’t alone through the chaos. Richmond Weddings has SO much more to offer that I could probably write about it for pages, but you can also click through our website to see all the fun additional features we have to offer, * wink wink*

What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry? One of my favorite parts about this job is creating blog posts for real weddings. The photos alone from everybody’s wedding day are enough to steal my heart, but I love creating fairytales from each couple’s love story. It’s fascinating to see the different ways people have met, chosen to propose, executed their wedding day, and the hilarious epic fails happening throughout the process that couples share and we laugh about together.

What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? USE YOUR RESOURCES! Planning a wedding is insanely hard, don’t make it harder on yourself. Quick plug, but that’s one of the reasons why Richmond Weddings has such an impact on couples going through the planning process. Having everything right at your fingertips, relatable advice that speaks to what you’re going through, knowing the faces behind the companies you choose to work with, and grasping inspiration or advice from real couples who have experienced similar journies, can make such a difference. Choose the less stressful path, and have fun while doing it! It can be easy to get lost in the mess of it all but take time to “smell the roses” and enjoy the journey.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Last Christmas my boyfriend got me tickets to see Morgan Wallen this past June. We drove all the way up to Bristow, Virginia, and had the time of our lives then pretty much drove straight to the Richmond airport from there to hop on a plane and go to Florida for my dad’s birthday. The concert was so much fun and seeing Morgan live was unreal, but the sleep-deprived stops at gas stations for red bulls and jamming out to hours of songs on the road trips made it unforgettable!

What are your favorite wedding trends right now? I am obsessed with the concept of a live painter. I think it’s so cool to see the finished product and how the painters capture the moment perfectly. Pictures are lovely don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something that gets me about a painted picture of the exact moment, and you get to keep it forever!

How do you de-stress? My go-to with pretty much everything, especially stress, is going to the gym! To make a long story short after covid I fell in love with fitness, lost forty pounds, and never looked back. If I’m in a rut and overwhelmed with school I’ll stop myself and go to the gym if I hadn’t that day. It’s just a space where you get to be alone, working on yourself for yourself. You can think about everything or nothing, it’s completely up to you, it gives me a sense of serenity.

Do you have a pet?  Heck yeah! Well, my fiance just recently got a dog, and we go to separate colleges but I feel like he’s my dog too by default. His name is Chaco and he’s a 4-5 years old German Shepard Mix! He’s the perfect mix of outgoing and timid. He spent a few months in the shelter before we adopted him, but his life is a complete luxury now.

Do you love to travel? A million times yes! Ever since I can remember I’ve gone on mission trips in and out of the country. If anybody is contemplating doing one, take this as your sign. It’s just an indescribable experience, and you meet the most amazing people. You get the chance to use your resources to make an impact on different people and hear their stories. One core memory, I believe was in Jamaica, and we were walking around talking to the community and had a full-on worship sesh with them in the streets. Jamaica alone is beautiful, but the work that we got to bring was life-changing.

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