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Since 1996, Party Perfect has provided party rentals for thousands of individuals and organizations for events of every size and configuration. Our team can help simplify the planning and execute your event flawlessly. With over 50 years of combined event industry experience backed by the long standing strength and history of Party Perfect, our rental consultants are here for you. Our sales team comes from a variety of event industry backgrounds including party rental, catering, lighting & AV, and event management. From basics such as style of chair, to lighting and event layout, our rental consultant's wealth of industry experience ensures that you will have all aspects of your event and party rental needs taken care of. Our Production Teams are the hands and feet of Party Perfect. We have been perfecting the art and process of delivering first class rental items and equipment. Our team members f work diligently every day to ensure your party turns out perfect. Each department plays their own crucial role in cleaning, maintaining, and preparing your rental items for delivery or customer pickup. You can trust our team to deliver the highest quality product and service!

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