Wedding Rentals – The Forgotten Checklist

Wedding Rental Checklist

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The “To Do’s” Before the “I Do’s”

By The Sales Team at Party Perfect

Depending on where your reception is taking place, rentals may play an integral part in making sure you and your guests have a fantastic experience. Plates, glassware, utensils, tables, and chairs are among the most common items needed, but there are several other things to consider when making sure nothing is forgotten, especially if you are renting a tent. Ask yourself these questions and get your vendors involved to make sure everything is covered.

Do you need electrical power?

If you are having a beautiful outdoor wedding under a tent, you will likely need additional power sources. Many vendors will require it.

*TIP – Look into generator rentals.

Do you have enough catering equipment?

Check with your venue, caterer, or food provider to see what is included. You can always rent or buy additional items such as tables, linens, chafing dishes, serving utensils, beverage items, etc.

*TIP – Prepare for more than you think you need.

Water and trash – Did you remember these essentials?

Do you have access to either of these onsite or by your caterer/bartender? If not, then you can rent both!

*TIP – Look into water station rentals and trash bins with extra liners.

Wedding Rental Checklist

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When you got to go, you got to go! Where is the restroom?

Do you have access to restrooms, or do you need additional restroom facilities?

*TIP – Consider portable restroom trailers for outdoor weddings. They’re actually very nice!

Do you have guests with special accommodations attending your wedding?

Take into consideration your guests with dietary restrictions, handicapped accommodations, or even elderly family members.

*TIP – Talk to your food provider, pay attention to parking and terrain the venue, and provide your loved ones with a comfortable chair to enjoy the evening with you.

Where will everyone park?

Make sure there is ample parking for all guests.

*TIP — Do you need additional lighting for the parking lot? Rental companies can help!

Wedding Rental Checklist

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There are so many beautiful and affordable tent rental styles to choose from these days. Here are a few questions to answer and considerations to make:

If you are renting a tent, is the ground primarily a firm flat area?

Is the location easily accessible for delivery and pickup with a large truck?

When can the rental company deliver and install as well as pick up and break down?

Will a venue contact, or coordinator be onsite during setup and breakdown?

Do you need a catering/food prep tent?

Do you have any gas, water, or sewer lines in the yard? Make sure to call the utility company if you are at a private residence.

Do you need a permit? Make sure you have your them for ABC and any tents over 900 sq. ft.

We know that navigating your way through rentals can be a daunting task, but local rental agents are here to help! Reach out to one today and let them guide you through the process so you can focus other aspects of the planning.

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