First Dance…First Chance at Love!

By Leila Fleischman with The Renaissance

It’s the first dance. Your first appearance together in front of everyone you love. Picture it; swaying to the rhythm so comfortable in each other’s arms and all the guests watching in adoration. But how does one get to this point? Here are a few main thoughts to keep in mind.

To start the process, think about how to tell your love story in general. Perhaps it is a song that might not be very romantic but is significant because a special moment was shared to that tune somewhere along the journey together. This could include the first time dancing together on a night out or the song that was playing when realizing you are in love. It might sound cheesy but it happens often in weddings!

Something else to keep in mind is the fact that the first dance will leave a lasting impression on the guests about who you are as a couple. For example, if there is a song that causes both of you to cry, it might represent how strong the bond is with each other. Showing that emotional side to everyone will prove to be a very moving moment for the first dance and the whole night! On the other end of the spectrum, if it is an easy song to sway to and just really shows off your personality, this will send the message that you two are very easy going together and can handle anything with ease, grace, and fun!

Lastly, if choosing between a song that played a significant part in the early relationship or one that better portrays you two as a couple, go with the sound that feels the most comfortable. Find something that can easily be danced to! And keep in mind, nobody expects some beautifully and perfectly choreographed dance. It’s about you and your future partner for life, sharing an intimate moment with the guests. No matter what is chosen, the guests will love it. After all, they’re there to celebrate you. So have fun with it!

Leila Fleischman is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations. She is currently interning at The Renaissance and specializes in social media, marketing, and events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive wedding, event, and banquet venue based in downtown Richmond’s exciting Arts District. To learn more about The Renaissance, please visit