Behind the Scenes: Our Issue 59 Cover

The story of our Issue 59 Cover is a bicoastal affair. When brainstorming, we wanted to be a little more edgy, embracing and welcoming a modern couple. We also knew we wanted a jumpsuit because we kept pinning them over and over again! Luckily our friends over at Caryn’s Bridals, Formals, and Tuxedos had the perfect option. A fun, comfortable crepe jumpsuit…and with pockets too!

Next was the model. With our cover location locked in at the gorgeous Historic Mankin Mansion, we reached out to owners Martin and Paula for suggestions. She sent us Rachel and immediately we were smitten. Rachel, who had been married at the mansion on March 23, 2019, was perfect for our cover… except that she lived in Los Angeles.

Rachel and her husband, Kornelius, are originally from the East Coast. After a totally epic proposal (that went viral!) they came to Richmond for their grand celebration.

Thanks to the generosity of Historic Mankin Mansion, they were able to fly Rachel out for a quick weekend. She took the red-eye flight the night before our shoot, making it just in time.

Paige with Paige Stevens Photography worked her magic during our shoot, diving into bushes to get that perfect shot. Candice with Candice Hardy Makeup Artistry made the already beautiful Rachel shine, giving her a classic look with that signature red lip. Rachel’s mother also joined us for the shoot, excited to relive and revisit the spot where her daughter got married.

With so many picturesque locations on the mansion’s property, it was hard to choose the final location, but the industrial feel of the gallery fit our vision. The brick wall backdrop, according to Paula, is “perfectly imperfect” with touches of character and history. Rachel looked beautiful and we knew we got our shot.

Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors that helped make this stunning cover become a reality. This includes Sarah with Waverly Estate who gladly went to Caryn’s in Farmville to pick up the jumpsuit for us when we couldn’t make the trip in time. A special thank you to Rachel for flying out to be a part of our cover! Pulling off a magnificent cover is truly a labor of love from all.

You can follow Rachel and Kornelius’ story on social by searching: #BecomingBascombe