By Caroline Kalentzos with Posh PR

So. You just received your wedding photos. They are gorgeous (obviously.) You want everyone to share in the joy of your special day. Your photographer and florist made miracles happen and you want to shout their names from the rooftop. You wrestled with tons of pre-wedding stress and have a tip or two for new brides-to-be. Whatever your reason, you are looking for a wedding feature: a publication (like this one!) that will share your wedding story with the world. You need to pitch it! At POSH PR®, we write pitches all day long. Here’s how!

First, find the blog or magazine that’s best for you. Start with the resources that helped you plan your own wedding. Is there a particular website or magazine for your particular “brand” of bride, be it bohemian, classic, DIY or otherwise? Find a blog that already caters to an audience that will relate to your wedding style and everyone wins!

Richmond Wedding Caroline Kalentzos Posh PR Pitch confidence perfect

Once you’ve found the ideal place to be featured, it’s time for Research Part 2: Discover. Find the specific column for your wedding. Are you looking to share advice? Do you want to focus on the details of your tablescapes or color scheme? Chances are, there’s a specific person in charge of that. That’s who you should reach out to!

Once you’ve read up on the girl you’re pitching to, you’re ready to connect with her. Write up a nice introduction, and then share common ground. For example, you might say, “I loved your recent piece on working with floral designers. I really loved mine and think your readers would enjoy hearing more about the process!”

Richmond Wedding Caroline Kalentzos Posh PR Pitch confidence perfect
Posh PR

Go ahead and give your talking points! Make a bulleted list of what you’d like to share about your wedding and a list of all the vendors you used. Include links! They will thank you. And of course, include pictures. These are the main event, after all! You may want to send low-res or watermarked photos so that you don’t crash their server—but let them know that you’re happy to send in the full resolution photos!

Follow Up
Thank them for their time and the opportunity to share your special day with their audience. Let them know you’ll be in touch—and actually be in touch! If they do feature you, giving their brand lots of love on social media is a great way to show your appreciation.

Richmond Wedding Caroline Kalentzos Posh PR Pitch confidence perfect
Posh PR

There you have it, doll! Oh, and PS: if you are looking to pitch something else, like a service you offer, you can pretty much follow the same steps! Or you can always reach out to POSH PR® and we’ll gladly guide you through the process. Email us at!

Ever wonder how some brides get their weddings featured in all the cutest publications? Want to share your joy with the world, too? Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR®, shares how. POSH PR® is a boutique public relations agency specializing in partnerships with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands worldwide. You can follow Caroline on Instagram @thecarolinedoll and @poshpr.