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Erin and Brian
June 22, 2019

How They Met
Erin and Brian first met while hanging out with some mutual friends at a bar in Washington, DC. Something about Brian left an impression on Erin and soon after the two were going on regular dates in and around DC. Erin reminisces about a particular date where downpour rain couldn’t even stop them from having a good time. She describes, “We spent the afternoon laughing at ourselves as we stepped in more than just a few puddles.”

The Proposal
Brian asked Erin to spend the rest of his life with him on his final spring break during law school. They took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to bask in the southern hospitality. While they loved spending most of their time sliding oysters on King Street, they made time to take a day trip to John’s Island and Folly Beach. Under the shade of the Angel Oak Tree, Brian popped the question, changing their lives forever. And Erin, of course, said yes!

The Details

Erin would travel by train from Washington, DC to Richmond, VA on the weekends to visit Brian while he was studying at law school. Overcome with happiness every time she hopped off the train, they decided what better place to get married than right there at Main Street Station!

To decorate the expansive and stunning space, Erin and Brian focused on herbs. They researched the history and meaning of different herbs used in wedding ceremonies and the end result was beautiful. Bright greens (Erin’s favorite color) were accompanied by touches of white florals and gold accents, courtesy of Classic Party Rentals of Virginia. A signature herb with its own meaning was woven into the bridesmaid’s bouquet, each of them also added into Erin’s. To top it all off, Richmond Photobooth created a gorgeous green wall for their backdrop to tie everything together.

Classic French songs like “La Mer” and “La Vie en Rose” quietly played in the background as Erin and Brian walked down the aisle, accompanied by their parents. To keep things personal, they had a close friend officiate the ceremony and all of their sisters read special letters and song lyrics to showcase their love. After the big kiss, “Express Yourself” came over the speakers and set the tone for the celebrations to follow!

One of Erin and Brian’s favorite things to do is entertain, so naturally, they served their favorite dishes family-style! Creating a menu that represented them and their heritage was a top priority, pierogis for Brian and French cuisine for Erin. Since they both grew up celebrating their birthdays with cookie cakes, the choice for dessert was an easy one. A two-tiered cookie cake accompanied by an ice cream cookie sandwich bar ended the night perfectly. When the party was over, Erin and Brian walked down the front steps into a cloud of bubbles. A dreamy way to exit as newlyweds!

The pair really wanted all of the personal touches and music to WOW their guests. Every detail was significant and important to them, including the first dance. Erin elaborates, “It took us a while to find our first dance song. But as soon as we landed on it, we knew! We took a dance lesson to help us with technique and to feel comfortable. Then, I strung the choreography together and we had a lot of fun practicing and dancing together that night.”

Favorite Part of the Day
This was a hard question for Erin and Brian to answer. “If we must pick, it was the moment right after we were announced husband and wife and exited the ceremony area. We were blown away by a perfect ceremony and held hands as we looked at the special people standing with us, including our parents and all our friends. There was even some applause from travelers waiting on the platform for their upcoming train.”

Biggest Challenge
“Getting started and feeling confident in our decisions. We remember signing some of our contracts over a year in advance of the wedding with so many unknowns to be determined. We just hoped we were making the right calls…Once we got started and got all the right people on board [like our planner, Amy] we could relax a little bit more in the decisions and have fun!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Roll with the punches…We encountered a few bumps in the road, but everything ended up turning out great. With every change of plans, we learned to embrace the new. Look for the silver lining in every setback…and most of the time the new version of the plan turned out even better than we could have imagined.”

Erin elaborates, “It also helps to surround yourself with supportive friends and family and work with AMAZING vendors who are true professionals and go out of their way to execute your dreams.”

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