Meet Tanya, Lead Planner with XOXO Weddings and Events, LLC! Tanya loves working with people, especially couples looking to have a perfect wedding day! Read her story, along with some fun facts!

How did you get to where you are now?
I planned my sister-in-law’s wedding and got a lot of compliments and started looking into wedding planning. And as they say, the rest is history!

What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you?
We specialize in Wedding Day Coordination, so most of our couples like to “plan” their day and simply have us “button-up” the details and become their liaison leading up to their day. We take over the reins about 60 days prior to their big day and allow them to breathe while we coordinate with the venue and all of their professional vendors ensuring everything they have ordered and paid for is exactly what they ordered and paid for. We are their biggest advocate on the day of the wedding – we handle any issues that may arise on behalf of the couple – and we handle it with grace and poise. We have over 17 years experience in the wedding industry with a huge network of wonderful wedding professionals – our relationships and our experience is why you should hire our team.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?
The people! I am a people person, and I love working with people. Every couple is different and my goal is to ensure what they imagined for their special day is given and then some.

What’s a unique tip you tell your couples?
I always tell my couples to remember this day is about them and no one else and to enjoy the moment and take it all in because it will go by really fast!

What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?
My best piece of advice I give to all my couples is to have a budget.

What’s your favorite moment at a wedding?
When the bride and groom see each other for the first time, it is like everything standstills for that moment in time.

How do you de-stress?
After 14 hours of working a wedding, when I am finally home and it has been a successful day, I come home and pour myself a glass of my favorite wine and just relax.

What’s your favorite food/dish/cuisine?

If you were to meet any celebrity, who would it be?
Beyoncé…I always say she is my inner celebrity.

What are your favorite books and movies?
My favorite book is Michelle Obama – Becoming. And my top movies are Just Mercy, Ricky Bobby – Talladega Nights, and Pitch Perfect.

What’s a fun or unusual fact about you?
Most people don’t know I am a huge Nascar Fan!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Do you love to travel? What are some must-see destinations?
Yes, I love to travel but affording it is another story…My must-see destinations are Hawaii and Paris.

Tell us about your pet!
Yes…Bear and he is a cutie! I got him when he was 6 weeks old. He was originally for my daughter but we all know how that story ends, and he is definitely my dog.

What’s your most-used emoji?
The eye-roll emoji. 🙄

What’s your favorite season?
April – November, because it is wedding season!

What’s your favorite family tradition?
Just being with my family, I come from a large family so any time I get to be with my family is special to me being around my parents, my daughter, my brother and all my aunts, uncles and cousins it just makes everything perfect.

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