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Molly and Barker
June 23, 2018

How They Met
Molly and Barker met in the early days of business classes at The University of Virginia. It wasn’t long before they had an adorable first date. Molly reminisces, “Our first date was when he was walking me home and we stopped at the grocery store to get my sister a birthday present!” Soon after they were official, and the rest is history.

The Proposal
Barker proposed in a place near and dear to Molly’s heart, Tybee Island, Georgia. “Tybee is a very special place for my family since my mom grew up in Savannah.” They were on a walk the day after Christmas when Barker took a knee and popped the question. There wasn’t a second of hesitation from Molly and within moments they were engaged!

The Details
When it came to the venue, it was an easy decision. They both knew they wanted to tie the knot on the Squire family farm, which has been in Barker’s family for over 50 years! By getting married on their family’s property, they weren’t met with any constraints when it came to designing their wedding. Things came together seamlessly and as Barker says, “not many grooms can say they are having their dream wedding!”

They took inspiration from the farm, from their signage to their light and airy color palette. With such beautiful surroundings, they decided to keep their decor very simple, as to not overshadow their backdrop. Light blues, crisp and clean whites, and simple greenery provided pops of color and highlighted the backdrop appropriately. “I really wanted a fresh and simple theme so that the focus was really on the beauty of the farm.” Their flowers by Kim Moody Design were a star of their day, with luscious, extravagant greenery adding a sense of botanical bliss.

Their officiant was a close friend of Barker’s from college, a special touch to their big day. “We wrote our own vows and the ceremony was everything we imagined – simple, yet so personal to us.” Molly made sure to incorporate a special aspect of her dad’s culture into their wedding, bagpipes during her entrance and exit.

From the open bar with signature cocktails to Black and Blue, the band that has played 3 Squire family weddings, guests couldn’t have had more fun as their June wedding came to a close.

Favorite Part of the Day
Molly’s favorite part of the day was when, “Barker surprised me by writing a song and performing it with the band, which was definitely a highlight! Also, just the feeling of walking down the aisle and seeing hundreds of people who loved us was an incredible part of the day.” Amongst many amazing moments in the day, “Barker’s favorite part was definitely our after party. At the end of the reception, we had a firework send off. Once the last fireworks went off, the woods about 100 yards away lit up and the music started blasting. People were sprinting to the dance floor and it was an epic, glow-stick filled after party. Molly got so muddy that Barker had to hose her off before they could get in the car…”

Biggest Challenge
Molly explains, “The venue was literally a cow pasture 6 months before the wedding date so we really had to plan WAY in advance to make sure the grass was ready, the field was level, etc. Barker even went to the farm on our wedding date the year BEFORE the wedding to stake out where the shadows would be so we made sure our guests were in the shade during the ceremony and cocktail hour.” All of their hard work paid off by the time the wedding rolled around, “It was incredible to see people at the wedding who had spent a lot of time at the farm and really appreciated how much work Barker put into making it perfect.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Make your wedding authentically YOU. There is no tradition that you must or must not do!”

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