By Thomas Waters with The Renaissance

It’s no secret that untraditional desserts are making a huge splash in the wedding industry lately. But despite what you might see on Pinterest, traditional wedding cakes aren’t going anywhere! If you dream of a seven-tier double-chocolate cake to cut into on your big day, you’re not alone!

However, with the creativity of amazing bakers, couples now have so many more fun choices for their wedding day dessert. You can have cookies, doughnuts, pies, cupcakes…only your imagination is the limit.

Thomas Waters The Renaissance Richmond wedding cupcakes dessert candy

Here’s an idea, have a traditional cake to cut, to get those pictures for your album, but also supplement a fun dessert station with a variety of tasty treats for your guests to enjoy. For example, what about an ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt station? Offer delicious toppings so each guest can customize their dessert, just like an old-fashioned ice cream party. You could even have custom made bowls for the ice cream that the guests can take home as a favor. Or maybe you could add a cotton candy vendor? Add a sense of nostalgia to your big day! Your cotton candy vendor can customize the color to match your theme and even have untraditional flavors like Cookies and Cream or Cheesecake!

Favors are another way to add a little something sugary to your reception. An example is having your favorite candy bar wrapped in a realistic wrapper that has your name and date instead of the candy name. Some couples are even providing entire candy stations with a variety of nine or more of their favorite candies for guests to take home with them. In “candy bar” situation, the bag that your guests would use to collect their candy could be the actual favor with names and date printed on them to remember the fun they had.

Thomas Waters The Renaissance Richmond wedding cupcakes dessert candy
Paige Stevens Photography

Rest assured, cakes are here to stay, but why not think outside of the box for a little variety for your guests to enjoy. They (and their sweet tooth) will thank you for it!

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