By: Nadia S. Anderson with Virginia Grace Event Management

The weeks and days leading up to your wedding will likely be full of tasks, but we believe it’s important to take some time to relax and enjoy your last days as a single person. These tips are for taking care of your heart, soul, and well being as you transition from “me” to “we.”

Write Love Letters

Wedding planning can be stressful, not just for the couple, but also for those that are closest to you. Write notes to those you love to express gratitude for their support during your engagement and the planning process. Any amount of gratitude will ease anxiety and give you peace.

Go on Dates

Make sure to spend time with family, especially your parents and primary care givers, to share memories of times gone by. Catch up with your friends over a long lunch, a yoga class, your favorite movies, or do it all at a sleepover.

Spend Some Time Alone

Make sure all your work responsibilities are completed or delegated, and take some quiet time for yourself. Do all the quirky little things that you enjoy doing alone. Pray, meditate, or close your eyes and imagine your future. Keep a journal to record all the thoughts and feelings you experience during this time. Take photos of your last days as a single person, and document your activities to look back and reflect when you need to recharge.

Pamper Yourself

Enjoy all your spa and beauty treatments. Sleep in. Drink lots of water. Avoid traffic. Take hot baths or long showers. Take leisurely walks at the park. Enjoy nature. Stay at a hotel and take advantage of room service and maid service.

Relax! You’ve done all the hard work of planning and preparing. Now is the time to reflect and enjoy.

Nadia S. Anderson is a CPA, certified wedding and event planner, and the owner of Virginia Grace Event Management. To learn more about how she can assist in creating your stress free wedding memories, please visit