By Michelle Kuzmick with Michelle Kuzmick Photography

It’s normal these days for couples to receive most, if not all their wedding images in digital form, but what happens to those images after they see them?  Most of the time, nothing. They get posted on social media, then disappear.

What’s wrong with this? If you are like most couples, you invested in your photographer, and you’d like your images to be seen! Isn’t it a shame to have invested so much on photography without going the extra step of getting those gorgeous photos off the screen? The time to plan for the safe keeping of those images is when you first get them back and the excitement from the wedding day is still fresh.  So, what do you do?

Print them!
Prints will NEVER become obsolete. Look for a company that offers archival quality prints. Your photographer probably offers print ordering from professional print labs, so be sure to ask! You want your prints to hold up over time without becoming faded or yellow.

Talk to your photographer about creating an album.
While the prices may seem steep at first, it’s so, so valuable to have an heirloom that can be passed down for generations.  Most photographers will work with you to design a high-quality album that will last for decades upon decades!

Next, back them up.
First on some sort of external device – whether it be a hard drive or portable USB. Store that device in a fireproof box/safe or at a family member’s home.

Then, back them up again!
Whether it’s on a second external drive or in a cloud storage account.

Consider a wall portrait – a BIG one!
What could be more special than picking the most romantic image from your wedding day and hanging it where everyone who comes to your home will see it?

No matter how you choose to enjoy your images, make a plan to keep them safe, and get them off your computer and into your life!

Photo Credit: Michelle Kuzmick

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