By: Paula Ramirez with Historic Mankin Mansion

Face it: food is fun. Surprising people with delicious treats when they least expect it is even more fun, which explains the continuing popularity of late-night snacks at weddings. Some couples are motivated by the need to provide a burst of energy that gives guests a second wind so they can dance all night long. Others love the idea of featuring another personalized detail that can be enjoyed after the dinner and dessert have settled a bit. There are many reasons to include late-night wedding snacks in your festivities and even more ideas from which to choose.

Food Wedding Snacks Historic Mankin Mansion Richmond

Why Serve a Snack at All?
Since almost any food can be served as a late-night snack, from mini grilled cheese sandwiches to customizable doughnuts, the real challenge is working your snack into the festivities authentically. Rather than choosing something completely random, think about the feelings you want to invoke and the purpose of your particular snack.

Match Your Snack to Your Theme
Are you working with a theme and want to include another element to enhance the concept? If your inspiration is a fiesta, hire a taco truck to serve a trio of mini tacos, each with a different favorite filling. If you want to take the idea to another level, have a surprise mariachi band show up to accompany the snack!

Food Wedding Snacks Historic Mankin Mansion Richmond

Interactive Snacks
Is the purpose of your snack to make sure that your guests feel engaged beyond just traditional dancing? An interactive snack may be the perfect late-night surprise. S’mores make a great station, especially when served outside around an open campfire. They complement outdoor and bohemian themes nicely and are recognized by many as comfort food. Ask your venue if they allow or will provide a fire pit. If not, for a fee your caterer may set up s’mores indoors. Either way, your guests will still be intrigued by the activity, flavors, and memories they inspire.

The To-Go Snacks
Some late-night snacks are meant as takeaways, even though many guests will sneak a bite before they leave! If you spent much time with your fiancé and friends at a local burger joint, for instance, you might want to send each guest home with a mini-burger and some hot fries from the same restaurant. Or, bring in a favorite coffee cart vendor and give everyone a boost of caffeine before they hit the road.

Food Wedding Snacks Historic Mankin Mansion Richmond

Silly Snacks
You can make a late-night snack luxurious, opulent, overboard or even silly. Maybe you want to encourage your friends and love ones to stay put as the fun continues…Serve breakfast under the stars! What better enticement than a waffle station, some eggs benedict, and a juice bar to convince folks that the party isn’t over?

Nothing ends the perfect night like the perfect late-night snack. Use this snack as an opportunity to showcase you and your sweetheart’s favorite food, cuisine, or an unusual combination! If you’re struggling to choose something amazing, consult with your caterer or planner for ideas. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you will know in your heart that you pulled out all of the stops. Enjoy staging (and eating) your own late-night wedding snack!

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the Proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort and Bed & Breakfast. They have lovingly restored this National Landmark to its original grandeur and are honored to share the treasured estate with couples and their families. Photos by: Sarah and Dave Photography.