By Nicole Vance with Nicole Vance Photography

When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfect of course. But no matter how hard you try, there are things you cannot control, like the weather. With the unpredictable rain and humidity that comes with living in Virginia, it’s vital that you have an inclement weather plan and are happy with it! Here are a few ways that you can be a step ahead if some good luck raindrops fall on your big day!

Make a plan with your venue.

While many venues have an indoor ceremony option in case of bad weather, some do not. It’s a good idea to ask what a rainy-day wedding would look like at their location. Are there indoor options for the ceremony and reception? What about indoor photo locations? Does the venue have a generator if the area loses power?

Nicole vance photography richmond weddings rainy day luck drops plan
Nicole Vance Photography

Hire a planner.

A planner can be your best line of defense if things don’t go your way. A professional planner has the experience, expertise, and manpower to handle anything unplanned on your wedding day. From making a last-minute move indoors to drying off wet ceremony chairs, he or she can be left with the worry while you just focus on getting ready and enjoying your day.

Ask your other professionals about inclement weather policies and procedures.

It’s a good idea to know that everyone on your team has a backup plan. It’s a simple question, but talking to each of your professionals ahead of time and knowing that they can handle the unexpected is a good idea.

Nicole vance photography richmond weddings rainy day luck drops plan
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Be flexible and open.

While rain on your wedding day isn’t ideal, by keeping an open and flexible attitude, you’ll alleviate some of the stress that will come with last minute changes. Whatever mother nature has in store, you’ll be cool as a cucumber because your Plan B will be completely flushed out.

Remember, while rain on your wedding day isn’t ideal, it is a time to celebrate your love and coming together as one. By being prepared and open-minded, you’ll come to love your Plan B just as much as your Plan A! We’ll save you from the line about how it’s good luck to rain on your big day.

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