Real Richmond Wedding Museum Adriane Conor Weddings

Adriane and Conor
May 5, 2018

How They Met
Conor and Adriane first met as friends during their time at The College of William and Mary but didn’t start dating until after they graduated. Post-grad, Conor moved to Atlanta and Adriane found herself in Chicago. Adriane explains, “He came to visit Chicago with a couple of our other friends and the rest is history.”

The Proposal
Conor asked Adriane to marry him during a ski trip to Canada. With both Adriane and Conor loving outdoor winter sports (Adriane prefers to ski while Conor snowboards) Conor saw this as the perfect time to start their life together. “We were in the lobby of the hotel bar grabbing a drink before ‘heading out to dinner’” Conor pretended he forgot his coat so the two went back upstairs, but when they arrived, the room had transformed, filled with candles, flowers, and champagne. Conor, behind Adriane’s back, had solicited the help of the hotel staff, making this question-popping moment perfect. “We were naturally too excited to go to dinner, so we spent the night dancing and celebrating at the bars in Vancouver!”

The Details
For their wedding theme, they wanted a classic, traditional vibe with a cool modern twist. “We didn’t want anything too matchy-matchy, and we didn’t want one specific color to take over.” They wanted the attention to be on the magnificent surroundings, focusing on off-white colors and lots of romantic candles.

With the help of their vendor team, they transformed their venue into a classic, elegant, and totally unique night, perfectly suiting Adriane and Conor’s personalities. They used dramatic lighting to create “stars” on the ceiling, giving them that ethereal look. For late night snacks, they had a gelato cart as well as bins of Garrett’s Popcorn, a Chicago favorite of theirs.

“We got married on the day of The Kentucky Derby, so we decided to have a little fun, naming each table after one of the horses racing.” They then announced the winner of the Derby and the lucky guests at that table won adorable Mint Julep cups. Don’t worry, the people at the table that came in last place were given “participation ribbons.”

Adriane and Conor cut into their cake, covered in rainbow sprinkles, Adriane’s favorite, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Thanks to the band the night ended in a fun and lighthearted dance party, underneath the “stars.”

Favorite Part of the Day
“Honestly, the appreciation I have for everyone that traveled to support us. Very few people actually live in Richmond, so the vast majority of our guests had a long drive or flight to get there. It was special to share such a wonderful day (and city) with everyone!” Conor really enjoyed the cocktail hour because it was a nice casual time to catch up with everyone before the dancing and dinner began.

Biggest Challenge
“We live in Chicago, so planning a wedding remote was difficult. We had to rely on our planner, Honey, and Yelp a ton!”

Best Piece of Advice
“The events and time surrounding the event can be just a special as the actual event, so offload all of that last-minute planning to someone else and enjoy the few days and hours before/after with those in town and the ones you love!”