Ann and Gurpreet
September 23, 2017

How They Met
Ann and Gurpreet’s love story started at a buffet. They were working for the same company in 2011 and both attended an after-work happy hour. They approached the buffalo chicken wings and hummus at the same time. Ann explains, “We got started talking, and talking. All of a sudden an hour had passed and we hadn’t budged.” Soon enough they were the last two left. But as fate would have it, they didn’t connect again until 18 months later!

When the stars finally aligned, Ann and Gurpreet went on their first date. “We ate tacos, of course!” It was love at first bite.

The Proposal
Gurpreet asked Ann to be his wife on May 22, 2016. “On Sunday nights we always order take-out from a local Chinese place. There was a new restaurant, however, that opened in the neighborhood so it didn’t come as a surprise when Gurpreet suggested they go there for dinner that night.” When Ann arrived at Gurpreet’s apartment, she so was busy thinking about how she could convince him to stay in and order that she stepped right on a beautiful single red rose laying on the floor. As she walked further in she noticed beautiful lights strung around the apartment, and as she turned the corner, “I saw the most beautiful, rustic picnic setup filled with my favorite things including champagne, flowers, cheeseboards, Oreos, and fruit snacks.” There was also a chalkboard that read “She Said Yes” with a small unchecked box beneath it. Ann immediately broke into tears and turned around and found Gurpreet on one knee with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

“Gurpreet apparently had said some beautiful words, but I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn’t hear anything until he popped the question!” When she finally got out the word “yes”, Gurpreet accidentally put the ring on her right hand rather than left. “There was laughter, there were the happiest of tears, and in the end I got what I wanted, a Sunday night staying in with the love of my life!”

The Details
Ann, who’s originally from Fredericksburg, VA, spent most of her summers visiting the Northern Neck, specifically the Tides Inn. Ann wanted to share this special place with Gurpreet, who’s originally from Dallas, TX. The two visited the venue and everything just felt right as they watched the sun glisten on the water as sailboats passed by.

“We wanted a rustically classic theme, if that’s even a thing!” They incorporated things like antique picture frames, wood signs, chalk boards, mason jars, and other various knick-knacks to give that rustic look. “We kept it classic with royal blue and navy, blush tones, pinks, creams, and gold accents throughout.” The combination of the two looks created a dreamy, fairy tale feel that was absolutely stunning. They used O’Hara Garden roses, ivory roses, peach stock, phlox and baby’s breath to give their flowers a natural, but elegant, look.

“We also had fun reception tables set up (inspired by Pinterest) for things displaying baby pictures, our polaroid guest book, glow sticks, and disposable cameras for the kids.” The two had a grand sparkler exit as they boarded a boat on the Chesapeake Bay. “The perfectly magical end to the most incredible day!”

Favorite Part of the Day
The happy couple share the same favorite part of the day, which was seeing each other for the first time at their ceremony.  “We purposely did not do a First Look because we loved the tradition of that first moment seeing each other being at the ceremony as I walked down the aisle. It was the most incredible moment as I saw him standing there at the end of the aisle, and he saw me walking towards him. It’s almost as if everything else disappeared and it was just us, taking the biggest step of our lives together.”

Biggest Challenge
“Timing! Scheduling the day of events was a big challenge because we wanted to make sure we had enough time for everything – full ceremony, pictures, dinner, greeting, toasts, etc. However, when the day comes, everything goes by so quickly, so we had to cut some things short (such as the pictures, and our personal dinner – we literally only had time for 3 bites of food!) to ensure we could spend time with all of our guests and make our grand entrance into the reception on time.”