Real Richmond Wedding Lakeside Caitlin John Inspiration

Caitlin and John
June 10, 2018

How They Met
Caitlin and John met on December 3rd, 2016, when mutual friends set them up on a blind date. The two went to the same University and graduated the same year, but never met during their college years. Their date was about six months after they graduated. They met at a local favorite, Neighbor’s Place, in Lynchburg, VA. Caitlin explains, “We hit it off right away and our date lasted for about three hours. From the start, everything seemed to be so easy with him. It all flowed naturally.”

The Proposal
John asked Caitlin to be his wife on October 6th, 2017. “He took me to Blackwater Creek Trail in Lynchburg where he gave me a letter to read that he wrote the day after we first met.” At the very end of the letter, it said, “Will you marry me?” After Caitlin finished reading it, John got down on one knee and she said, “yes!” John then surprised Caitlin with both of their families at their first date restaurant, Neighbor’s Place. “Everything was so thought out and all I could have ever dreamed of!”

The Details
“I wanted my wedding to be simple but pretty.” They picked their venue because they loved the “woodsy” feel and it’s proximity to the lake. Since Caitlin isn’t the biggest decorator, she elicited the help of a group of ladies from Mechanicsville Baptist church. “We originally asked these women to cater our wedding, and then they volunteered to decorate for us!”

Since Caitlin’s favorite color is purple, they used it in a variety of shades throughout, with accents of gray. Their flowers were simply beautiful with hydrangeas and roses.

At their reception, rather than having a seating chart, they allowed their guests to sit wherever they’d like. The large farm tables were left natural, giving their reception an unmistakable rustic flair. “Everything turned out better and more beautiful than I pictured in my head.”

When asked what part of their wedding they wanted to WOW their guests with, Caitlin said, “I simply wanted my guests to be wowed by the way John and I treat each other. I hoped that they would be able to see the love we have for one another in hopes that they would see, learn, and understand the way that God loves them.”

Favorite Part of the Day
“My absolute favorite part of the day was when I walked down the aisle and saw my soon-to-be husband for the first time that day. The look on his face brought so much joy, happiness, and peace over me. It felt like such a magical moment.” John’s favorite part of the day was that same moment, when his love was walking down the aisle towards him.

Biggest Challenge
“Making sure to stay within a reasonable budget with all the things required for a wedding. Also, creating time to plan every little detail. It truly is a lot more than you’d think!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Enjoy your wedding day. Take it all in and do not worry about all the little things. This will most likely be the only day where all your friends and family are all in one place. Try your best to make it what you want, but don’t stress! Enjoy the magical and love-filled day!”