Jordan and Jacob
August 10, 2019

How They Met
Jordan and Jacob met back in high school when Jacob confidently sent Jordan a Facebook message proclaiming he was going to marry her. From that day forward they became best friends, hanging out after school and going on frozen yogurt dates. Jacob remained in the friend-zone for a while until the night of their junior prom when Jordan confessed her feelings for him. The rest is history.

The Proposal
On the day of the proposal, Jordan had been at her clinicals for nursing school all morning and was rightfully tired. There was a surprise party planned for her sister that day that she was not in the mood to go to. After some convincing from Jacob, they headed to her mother’s house and after a few wrong turns, Jordan was in full meltdown mode. Little did she know, these wrong turns by Jacob were to stall until all of her family could be there for not a surprise party, but a surprise proposal! Jordan walked right past the flowers and champagne, not even noticing them. In the midst of her meltdown, Jacob got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She explains, “Did I mention I was exhausted?! Nonetheless, it was perfect in our book and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. It was beautiful. After I said yes, he stood up and yelled “SHE SAID YES!!!” and everyone came from upstairs and we celebrated.”

The Details
The pair wed at Jacob’s grandparent’s estate on the James River. It was the place they all gathered for family events and held a special spot in their hearts, making it the perfect place to say “I do.” Jordan walked down the aisle to a violin rendition of “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray, a surprise she planned for Jacob.

They really wanted to accentuate the beautiful property with more greenery. Jordan decided against florals and opted for eucalyptus and seed eucalyptus for a “light feeling”. Shades of green, gold, pinks, and taupes were perfect compliments to the earthy environment. To decorate, Jordan searched different thrift stores for the perfect pieces to adorn the riverside location. Their sweetheart seat was a vintage couch she found and their sweetheart table was a wooden table that was her mom’s.

When it came to food there was no question of what they would serve, it had to be pizza! As Jordan so perfectly put it, “Live, love, pizza.” For drinks, they offered endless white claws, sangria, wine, and a small collection of beer.

Jordan wanted their entire wedding to WOW guests, but especially her entrance. “Our venue was down by the river and the aisle started up the hill at the house. When it was my turn to walk, all the bridesmaids were completely lined up at the front. Then the violinist started “Young and Beautiful” as I started to walk down the hill. This was the one day about me and Jacob and I wanted to feel special and have a jaw-dropping moment.”

Favorite Part of the Day
“Both of our favorite parts of the day involved having our special first look with each other. We were secluded in our own part of the land, not bothered by anyone or worried about arriving guests seeing us. It was just the two of us…It was so special. We had waited for this moment for 7 years and it was finally happening for us.”

Biggest Challenge 
“Being in nursing school. I am one that thrives under stress but it was challenging. I’m also a perfectionist and I wanted everything perfect and had a hard time asking for help.”

Best Piece of Advice
“I suggest getting a binder, printing out all your ideas, and stick to it. There were so many times I started to stray away from my actual vision and the binder reeled me back in. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is way too much for two people to handle alone.”

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