Kali & Jesse
October 29, 2016

How They Met:
Kali and Jesse met in 2011 while Kali was visiting from Northern, VA. She was visiting her best friend Ashley for what she thought was just a reunion brunch, but Ashley had other plans. Playing matchmaker, Ashley suggested that the two head over to Jesse’s house to watch football. Jesse started out quiet, but eventually opened up once a friend started teasing him about his certain likeness with Drew Brees. Kali made a sarcastic comment defending Jesse and the two instantly clicked. Neither had been to a hockey game and after some “word vomit” they exchanged numbers and made plans to see a game. Kali went back up to Northern, VA and the two started texting, eventually making plans to meet up New Year’s Weekend. Kali came down that Thursday and the two were inseparable. Kali explains, “We explored Richmond, ran some errands, and just hung out like we knew each other forever.” Thus, the beginning of Kali and Jesse.

The Proposal:
Christmas of 2014, Jesse gave Kali a five-day trip to Las Vegas as a present. Everyone told Kali that he was going to propose, “I told them no way, this was a Christmas present and he had told me he wouldn’t propose on vacation.” But they were right and she was wrong. A couple days into their trip Jesse told Kali to pack her bags, they were going to Sedona. During the 4.5-hour drive, Jesse told Kali to pick a trail with the best view while he rushed to make the sunset. Kali was a little suspicious, but since they packed in the same suitcase, there’s no way he could have hidden a ring. Once they finally got to Sedona the sunset was perfect. They walked down a trail and Kali explains,“I heard Jesse drop thinking he slipped, I spun around and he is on one knee with a ring!” It turns out he hid the ring box in a pair of clean socks that he stuffed into his sneakers.

Wedding Details:
The happy couple chose Historic Mankin Mansion because it was gorgeous and in the city that they both love. “We met in Richmond, fell in love in Richmond, and wanted a venue that was close to the city and had that old charm.”

Kali loves vintage style, while Jesse is more keen to modern styles. Jesse combined the two in Kali’s customized engagement ring, and they used the ring as inspiration for the rest of their wedding. “I love burgundy and gold together, and in the fall with all the brick at the venue, it just made sense.” They kept their flowers simple focusing on ivory with accents of gold and bountiful greenery. The couple had a s’mores station, a fire pit, and a set of personalized corn hole boards (Redskins for Kali and Steelers for Jesse). “We really wanted to have enough going on at the wedding so people could dance if they wanted to dance, hang out and make s’mores if they needed a break, play games…whatever!”

Favorite Part of the Day:
For Kali, it was the picture time after the ceremony. “It was a nice relaxing time for Jesse and I.” For Jesse, it was the reception.

Biggest Challenge:
“Time and Organization!” Kali, at the time, was still splitting her time between DC and Richmond for work, so planning a wedding seemed daunting. Kali elaborates, “luckily I found the BEST vendors that went out of their way offering advice, recommendations, and were willing to listen to me when I would start to stress.”

Best Advice:
“Surround yourself with people who will help you with whatever it is you need…My wedding day was so relaxed thanks to our awesome vendors and bridal party and my mother who showed up the week of the wedding to get me organized and finish any last-minute things.”