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Kristen and Josh
September 30, 2017

How They Met
Kristen and Josh first met their freshman year of college through a mutual friend. Once school let out, the two had their “official” first date that summer. Josh was playing a sand soccer tournament in Virginia Beach and Kristen went down for the weekend to watch. Kristen elaborates, “I was able to meet his whole family that weekend, and I fell in love with them as much as they fell in love with me!”

The Proposal
Josh asked Kristen to spend the rest of his life with him at his parent’s condo in Wintergreen. It was the perfect October fall weekend, and the two went up with two of their close friends for a break from the real world. Despite the chilly weather, Josh suggested that he and Kristen take a hike. “The whole way I was complaining about how cold it was outside and how we should turn back…Little did I know that Josh had this whole plan up his sleeve to propose!” Once they got to the peak of the mountain, Josh popped the question, and Kristen said yes overlooking the Shenandoah Mountains.

The Details
Kristen fell in love with their venue instantly since it had that rustic, outdoor feeling she wanted. “All of it was just me!”

For their theme, they wanted a day that was simple but still elegant, with nothing over the top. “I am a very modest person, but have always secretly loved sparkle.” Their colors were rose quartz (or a rose dusty pink), navy, and gold sequins. “I have always loved matte style colors and of course add a little bling with the gold!” Josh and his groomsmen looked classic in navy next to the bridesmaids in dusty pink.

Kristen and Josh wanted a short but special ceremony, and when they met with Bil Malbon with Tiny Chapel Weddings, they knew it was perfect. “He added just the perfect amount of love, religion, and character to make our ceremony centered around Josh and I. His words were absolutely amazing!”

Their flowers added that extra touch of elegance to their big day. Kristen’s bouquet, in particular, was extra special. “The very first item I purchased for my wedding was two charms holding pictures of my late grandmother and grandfather, which I added to my bouquet with a beautiful pink ribbon.”

At their reception, they continued their color theme with white, rose quartz, and gold linens. With the perfect romantic lighting, the two danced the night away with their closest family and friends. “Everyone had so much fun dancing! Aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, friends and cousins, parents, and even grandparents! It was truly amazing!”

Favorite Part of the Day
“My absolute favorite part of the day was dancing at the reception. Just being surrounded by friends and family…it made me feel so blessed to know that everyone was there to support the beginning of our journey!”

Josh’s favorite part? That monumental moment where he was finally able to hug and kiss his wife. Kristen explains, “Josh was sobbing through the whole ceremony and you could just feel the amazing emotion emulating from him.”

Biggest Challenge
“The wedding gown.” Kristen had said yes to a dress very early on in her wedding planning process, but when it came in she knew something wasn’t right. Turns out, the wrong dress was ordered. “After countless sobfests and heated phone conversations, we were able to reorder the correct dress from a different salon and get it in just in time for the big day!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Don’t wish it here too fast! It comes and goes so quickly!”