Real Richmond Weddings Suzanne Kelvon John Marshall Ballroooms

Suzanne and Kelvon
June 23, 2017

How they Met:
Suzanne and Kelvon first met in high school in Newport News, Virginia. The two weren’t friends and didn’t even have the same friends, but Kelvon always had the biggest crush on Suzanne. After high school, Suzanne went on to Virginia State University while Kelvon joined the U.S. Army.  Suzanne explains, “After I graduated college, I became a teacher for Richmond City. In the spring of 2015, Kelvon was on leave and happened to be visiting in Richmond.” Kelvon reached out to Suzanne via social media and asked if she wanted to get a bite to eat. The two met at Suzanne’s favorite restaurant — Chipotle! But soon after their first date, Kelvon’s next duty took him all the way to Germany, for the next two years! “We kept in contact the entire time through long phone calls, and Kelvon had come to the states for short holiday breaks.” Distance made their hearts grow fonder, and somewhere in that first year, the two officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Proposal:
During spring break 2016, Kelvon invited Suzanne to visit him at his station in Germany. Since she loves to travel, Suzanne jumped on the next 8-hour flight, eager to explore the beautiful country. “When I arrived, Kelvon was waiting for me at the Munich airport with red roses.” If that wasn’t perfect enough, the next morning the two set off on a road trip to Paris, France…arguably the most romantic place on Earth! “Our first night in Paris he got down on one knee and proposed at the Eiffel Tower! It was perfect and the most romantic thing I have ever experienced!”

The Details:
“We absolutely loved the classic, timeless look of the John Marshall Ballrooms.” The regal downtown venue was the perfect balance between modern and old-fashioned and already had the perfect gold touches and grand chandeliers to go along with the couple’s clean, classic elegance theme.

What inspired the happy couple was looking at old wedding photos and thinking, “No matter how many years from now when you look at our wedding photos, I want it to still be something beautiful.” They went with classic black and white for their colors, with those little touches of gold. “Everything was simple. From the stationery to the linen to the flowers, we had white and cream for that look of glam and elegance.”

One highlight of the beautiful summer night was Suzanne’s dress, custom made for her special day.

Favorite Part of the Day:
“My absolute favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle. My husband would have to differ because he shed a few tears in front of everyone. I would say his favorite part was pre-wedding getting ready, and post-wedding partying!”

Biggest Challenge:
“Planning! I was doing it while he was away, and completing a graduate program at the same time. It was completely overwhelming.”