Taylor Shawn's Real Richmond Wedding vintage renaissance

Taylor and Shawn
September 22, 2018

How They Met
Taylor and Shawn met on Facebook in November 2011. Shawn sent Taylor a message out of the blue, asking how she was doing. They eventually exchanged numbers, and according to Taylor, she was definitely the one to text first. They were official soon after.

A side note, Shawn hates when Taylor tells their meet-cute story. Taylor says, “I knew Shawn in middle school through a mutual friend. I saw his picture in the yearbook and I thought he was so cute. Of course typical middle school!” Shawn still has a note from middle school with him and her friend talking about Taylor.

The Proposal
Shawn asked Taylor to spend the rest of her life with him on Valentine’s Day 2017. “I was at work and I didn’t receive anything from Shawn. Meanwhile, all my coworkers were receiving gifts from their significant others…and I got nothing!” But Taylor’s Valentine’s Day surprise was still to come.

Taylor’s boss had let her off early, and when she got home, Shawn was playing a video game. “I had asked him how my step son’s concert went at school, and he proceeded to ignore me!” Confused, Taylor saw Shawn fidgeting around in the corner of her eye. As she walked into the living room, he grabbed her hand and started saying how much he loved her. “Everything else he said was a blur and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

The Details
“We picked The Renaissance because we loved how vintage it looked and Shawn loves that vintage-style. It brought a romantic feel the moment we walked in!” The two had a whole vision, and they knew they could put it together at The Renaissance.

For their ceremony, they wanted to keep everything as simple as possible and short. “We keep God at the center of everything so we wanted to make sure we kept that aspect into the ceremony.” Their ceremony was effortlessly romantic with dreamy lighting and candles.

When planning their September wedding they wanted, elegance and romance, acting as a “date night” for couples. “Shawn and I are big into date nights with no kids. We wanted everyone to just enjoy a kid-free night to just dance and drink the night away.”

But, unbeknownst to everyone, even Taylor, there was at one very special guest present that didn’t follow their rule. “That person’s name is Brielle Alexandra Davis…we had no idea she was there and just baking away quietly!” Taylor describes her wonderful surprise daughter, “My little nugget Brielle is as beautiful as the day is long and the light in everyone’s eyes!”

Back at their wedding, they chose plum and silver as their colors. According to Taylor, Pinterest was her best friend during planning. Their food was just as exquisite with delicious choices and signature drinks that matched the two’s personalities perfectly.

Their flowers were stunning, using lilac roses and white hydrangeas to give their night that essence of romance. A special part of their reception was their Memorium table for special family members who passed away. Surrounded by candles, they had little trinkets and pictures to honor those who could not be around to celebrate.

Favorite Part of the Day
“There were so many parts of the day that were my favorite, from being able to see my 92-year-old grandmother witness me getting married…to just having a beautiful time with family and friends.” Shawn’s favorite moment was dancing with his mother. “Seeing Shawn on stage was a memory I won’t forget. He was so nervous and seeing him so happy was a huge highlight for me. I couldn’t stop smiling!”

Biggest Challenge
For these two, it was the guest list that was the biggest challenge. “It was extremely hard to keep it down because we just had a lot of family and friends we wanted to invite.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Give yourself plenty of time to plan. If you want a certain type of wedding, especially one with a high budget, write out a monthly financial plan. We had 18 months to plan and it made all the difference in the world with the stress level. Planning in 18 months meant that we had ample time to pay for expenses…it was such a good feeling to know that although it was a beautiful dream day when it was over, it was also over financially!” These two also say to be considerate and give everyone (including wedding vendors) plenty of notification of when tasks and responsibilities are expected to be completed.

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