By Kim Moody with Kim Moody Design

When creating your registry, you want to select items that you and your sweetheart will not only use but cherish for years to come! Gone are the days of registering at one department store. Couples nowadays can register wherever they want for a variety of things and experiences. But most couples have never created one before, so how will you know what to ask for? Here are a few tips that will help you narrow down and organize yours.

Wedding Registry Kim Moody Design Richmond

START RIGHT AWAY! It’s completely acceptable to scout your favorite items once a ring is on your finger! Go do this together. It’s fun to think about your new home before the stress of wedding planning starts!

DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS THE WAY YOUR PARENTS DID. It’s completely normal these days to not have a silver pattern.

CHOOSE THREE LOCATIONS TO REGISTER, two that are widely available to the bulk of your guests and one family owned local spot for the more unique items.

Know your guests and GIVE THEM A VARIETY OF PRICE POINTS to purchase from. Options are a good thing!

Wedding Registry Kim Moody Design Richmond

THINK ABOUT FUN THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO DO TOGETHER like excursions on your honeymoon, a Netflix or Amazon subscription, movie tickets, etc. These are all extremely fun and unique registry.

MAKE A WISH LIST WITH YOUR FUTURE SPOUSE of the items you’d really like to have prior to walking the stores. It’s likely you two have some items from your separate households you are combining, so get a list of “must-haves” together before you embark on the registry process.

BROWSE ONLINE FOR SMALL APPLIANCES and make sure the items you select have gotten a good review!

RESIST THE URGE TO REGISTER FOR THE SAME ITEMS AT DIFFERENT STORES so you don’t duplicate. Limit yourself to choosing your very favorite items from single locations.

Wedding Registry Kim Moody Design Richmond

HAVE A “B” LIST READY for the items you may want to add once you’ve gotten the bulk of the items on your first round of registries. Make sure you look at what is still on your list about a week after your shower is over.

MANY STORES GIVE INCENTIVES like a “Complete the Registry” coupon where you get a percentage off of your total registry purchase if your entire list is bought. Before you use this, add things you need in your daily life to your registry so you can utilize the coupon for these new additions too.

IT’S BETTER TO OVER-REGISTER THAN TO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ITEMS. Showers have a different price point than wedding gifts, so make sure to focus your efforts on items that are between $20-$50, because that is where you will see the most action on your purchases!

From Netflix to cake mixers, your wedding registry is an open book, full of ideas! Your family and friends will appreciate finding your gifts in one easy place and they’ll be happy knowing they helped you and your sweetheart start on the adventure of life!

Kim Moody is the Owner and Lead Wedding Planner at the award-winning Kim Moody DesignTM, a multi-planner design studio with two locations that offers both floral design and wedding planning services. She also owns two retail stores called “trend.” that focuses on personalization, bridal party gifts, and bridal registries. Feature Photo: Nicole Adele Photography.