By Debra Shepperson with Relish Photography by Lee

Even though, as a nation, we are currently facing a crisis, the love you have with your partner is not going to change, regardless of what is going on in the world. An approach to rescheduling your wedding would be to identify all the things you can control, what you cannot, and reconsider who must be at your wedding.

Cannot control:
Coronavirus, weather, vendors that are already booked most Saturdays.

Can control:
Positive attitude, flexibility, relationship you have with your partner, family, friends, and wedding vendors.

Where to start? It might seem a bit overwhelming, but we would recommend that you first gather all the vendor contracts you signed and start to review the terms. Focus on the language about penalties for rescheduling and timeframe in which the rescheduling might be required (within same calendar year, 12-months or just based on availability) so that you know what to expect before you speak with your vendors.

Next, schedule a phone call or face-time meeting with each of your vendors rather than emailing them. We suggest that both you and your partner join the meeting instead of just one of you. This is a critical time for everyone, and you want to avoid any potential miscommunication that might occur via email. A phone/video discussion will be the most productive. 

Third, prepare for your vendor meetings. If you booked a planner, start there first. If not, then start with your venue. Look at your calendar and those of your immediate family so that you have realistic dates that would work for everyone.

If you are seeking to reschedule in 2020, include all weekdays and Sundays in your date option list. Your venue and other vendors will have some of these dates open. Fully understand that selecting a weekday or Sunday might impact who can attend your wedding, but that is okay.

If you are rescheduling in 2021, include Friday and Sunday in your date option list. Your venue and other vendors will still have some of these dates open.

Before you have your phone discussions, remember you are in this together with all of your vendors, and they really want to make this happen for you. Whether you start with your planner or venue, be prepared to give them a few days to respond. They will need to review your new date options, and they will also want to review their contract requirements. Like you, they are also dealing with COVID-19 both personally and professionally.

Once your planner or venue provides you with open dates, work quickly to schedule your phone calls with your most critical vendors. Again, expect each vendor to take a couple of days to confirm their availability. Leave the discussion with knowing each other’s expectations and a timeframe for responses.

Once you know the open dates from your most critical vendors, select the one that works best for everyone and immediately request amendments to your contracts.  Do not drag your feet because your vendors will certainly have other couples making rescheduling requests. 

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans, especially those planning a wedding. The most important thing to remember is why you’re getting married in the first place, to start a new life with the love of your life. Trust that your special day will be marvelous, no matter the guest count or COVID-19 restrictions that might be in place. 

Stay positive and get excited to enter into this new chapter with the one you love!

Debra Shepperson is Co-Owner of Relish Photography by Lee, a full-service wedding and portrait photography company. To learn more about the Relish’s wedding collections and services, please visit