By Julie Adams with Julie Adams Portrait

Bridal portraits are no longer an antiquated practice your mother and grandmother did on their wedding days. Deep-rooted in Southern tradition, these have made a big comeback.

Talented and creative photographers are reinvigorating this trend, and the results are magnificent and quickly becoming a wedding must-have! A bridal portrait is a perfect way to look back on this amazing moment of your life. Here are a few reasons why they are the perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

Bridal Portraits Julie Adams Portrait Richmond Weddings Photographer

This is the most important dress you will ever wear.
Think about how much of your heart and soul went into picking out this dress! Do you really want to wear it only ONCE, just to have it hide away in your closet? A bridal portrait session is the only other opportunity you’ll have to put on your dress. And for a dress that’s this important, you’ll want to have plenty of amazing photos of you in it!

You might not have much time on the wedding day.
You might have a little bit of time on the wedding day scheduled for bridal portraits, but probably not as much as you’d like. At a bridal portrait studio, you’ll have plenty of time to use different backdrops, poses, and lighting setups. Your photographer will also take extra care to direct you on posing all the way from head to toe, to get the BEST and most flattering photographs of you in your dress!

Bridal Portraits Julie Adams Portrait Richmond Weddings Photographer

You can try out hair and makeup.
You might be able to do your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your portraits. Then you can see what everything looks like with your dress on and through a professional camera lens.

You can display a portrait at your wedding reception.
Why not put a fabulous framed print to put on display at the wedding reception? It will be a stunner, and your family, friends, and your new spouse will LOVE it. Professionals recommend at least a 16” x 20” size or even bigger if you have a good spot for it.

Bridal Portraits Julie Adams Portrait Richmond Weddings Photographer

Your kids and grandkids will treasure them.
These portraits can be passed down to your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids… and they will cherish having these photos to see how beautiful you looked in your wedding dress. Of course, your wedding day is all about the love between you and your spouse, but the bridal portrait is also a symbol of appreciating yourself and the woman you’ve become.

Julie is a local Studio Photographer with a passion for creating beautiful portraits of her clients. She cultivates each shoot with styling advice, professional makeup artists, beautiful lighting, and posing to flatter all body types. Julie also offers boudoir, maternity, family portraits, senior portraits, headshots & personal branding, and modern glamour. Photos by: Julie Adams Portrait.