Meet Nicole Maurer, Photographer/Owner of Nicole Adele Photography. Nicole takes the time to get to know each and every one of her clients to help ensure you’ll have an experience unlike any other on your big day! From engagement shoots to eventual maternity shoots, Nicole is here every step of the way.

What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you?
I believe what makes my business stand out is the experience I provide my clients. I have always felt that Wedding photography is so much more than just the final images- it’s also an experience. From the first initial email to the hug goodbye at the end of the reception, it is my goal to provide both an enjoyable and memorable experience in addition to beautiful and timeless images. I am fully invested in my clients and in their wedding experience from the day they inquire with me. Over the years, I’ve come to find that my absolute favorite weddings to date; from the images to the unforgettable memories made with my brides and grooms have been ones where I’ve walked away with genuine friendships that I’ve developed with my couples through being their wedding photographer.

What’s a weird/unusual tip you tell your couples?
Give us a good length first kiss ― just long enough to get the shot.

I know not everyone is big on PDA and may get a little embarrassed but it’s an important photo. So please try to at least hold it for a few seconds to make sure we can capture the moment for you. There is always that one person who jumps in the aisle to try and snag a cell phone picture of the couple’s first kiss… and although we know how to manage such situations… if your kiss is not at least a few seconds… it could be lost from your photo gallery.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?
My absolute favorite thing about what I do is being able to serve my clients, I am so excited about getting to know them as a couple and as new friends. It is truly an honor to be the one to capture beautiful, timeless, and joyful images for them and their family’s past and future generations to remember their wedding day by!

What’s something every couple should know before getting married?
Find a photographer who you fall in love with – who you would catch up for coffee with on a whim, just to chat. Because that person is going to witness and capture some of the most important, intimate moments of your life to date.

If you have a photographer who you feel uncomfortable around (even if you love their work!) your photos will reflect this; you won’t look comfortable in your photos. If you don’t ‘click’, your photos won’t either and you will more than likely end up disappointed.

Wedding photographers are people with big hearts who invest a lot in you and your day – we just want to love you! So, without a comfortable connection, nobody wins.

What did you want to be when you were little?
Embarrassing…I used to want to be a model or a singer… but I am horrible in front of the camera and get terrible stage fright… I don’t know what I was thinking… but there are very incriminating and embarrassing pictures of me at my Nana’s house that show me “pretending” to model.. braces and all!

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Chick-Fil-A Chicken biscuit….with a Coke Zero (not on my diet but worth every bite!!!)

What do you like to do when you are away from work?
This is an easy one… I love to spend time with my family!!! I have an amazing husband and two incredible little girls! However, if I am not spending time with them… I like to curl up with a cozy blanket and watch as many Hallmark Movies as I can before time runs out.

Where is your happy place?
My happy place is in Middle River Maryland at my Nana’s house. Since we moved around a lot, it has always been the only place that has felt like home. Plus it does not hurt that her house is on the water which makes for a very relaxing visit.

What would be in your dream sandwich?
My favorite sandwich as a kid was ham and butter (I know that sounds horrible now)… but currently I am really wanting the Chicken Caprese Panini from Roma’s in Mechanicsville!!! (So, So, Good!!!)

Nachos. What would you put on yours?
I am so boring… I would love cheese, cheese, and more cheese… maybe a little chicken… but then more cheese!!!

What’s your go-to dance move?
HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t dance… I have two left feet and no rhythm… but I love music and love to dance… so my favorite dance move would be anything where my little girls are dancing around me and we look like total crazies! (Usually to the Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off” because that’s my oldest’s fav).

Learn more about Nicole and how she could be the perfect photographer for your big day on her website!