By Matthew Davey with Bow Tied Weddings and Kristine Pringle with Kristine Pringle Photographers

The planning process for your wedding has begun and you are ready to find the perfect vendors to make your day one to remember. It’s no secret that professional wedding vendors love doing what they do. They get to witness love on a regular basis. They also love the opportunity to work with other professional vendors, like the ones you’ll find in this magazine. Here are a few tips on how to choose your dream team.

When you begin the planning process, put a vendor checklist in place based on how important they are to your wedding. You may find that the more sought after a vendor is, the further out they book. With that in mind, try to book your favorite vendors at least twelve to eighteen months in advance to guarantee their availability. Also be mindful of popular months like May, June, September, and October. These months book further in advance and more often. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for couples to inquire about the availability of their top choices for vendors before solidifying a date with their venue!

Many wedding professionals have a preferred vendor list. We like to call them “friendors,” because not only do they provide an exceptional product or service, but they are also enjoyable and fun to be around. After you book the first vendor on your checklist, ask them if they have any recommendations for ones in other categories. Friendors that work well together often know each other’s ins and outs.

Once you have prioritized your vendors, take some time to do a little research on your potential favorites. Check out their websites, social media pages, and reviews. When you find a vendor you like, reach out and ask to meet in person or via video conference. This will give you the opportunity to get to know their personalities and to see if they are a good fit for your wedding day vision. You’ll be spending eight to twelve hours with these people on your most memorable day. Make sure you click!

Once the contracts have been signed, you can relax and have fun! Your trusted team of professionals will be there to guide you through the planning process and answer your questions. Building a relationship with your vendors is important and socializing with them during in-person planning meetings is a fun way to build rapport. It also helps your dream team get to know you as a couple and provide a more unique experience throughout your wedding. Of all the reasons professional wedding vendors love doing what they do, this is perhaps a favorite.

Matthew Davey is the founder of Bow Tied Weddings and Kristine Pringle is the founder of Kristine Pringle Photographers. Their websites are and, respectively. Photos by Kristine Pringle Photographers.