Danise and Ross

December 30, 2016

How they met:
Danise and Ross met their freshman year at Longwood University in 2008. The two actually lived in the same dorm on campus!  They didn’t, however, connect until after college in November of 2013 at Starlight in the Fan. Ross asked her on a date and she said yes! Danise describes, “He picked me up at my parents’ house, like a true gentleman!” They had an amazing time and have been together ever since.

The Proposal:
The two were visiting their friends Troy and Amanda’s house in October of 2016 when Ross popped the question. “I didn’t notice anything on the ride over, but when we parked the car…Ross started walking quickly ahead of me.” Ross suddenly stopped, turned around and got down on one knee. It took place under the lights strung through a magnificent magnolia tree in the backyard. “Amanda had even set up a table with champagne and candles around the backyard!” Danise immediately called all her family and friends and there was nothing to do but celebrate.

The Details:
“Ross and I reconnected and fell in love in Richmond. We also bought our first house in Richmond and love our city so much.” They wanted a downtown vibe with some history, and the Bolling Haxall House fit the bill. “The venue was absolutely breathtaking and we knew it was the perfect place for us!”

Danise originally wanted a New Year’s Eve wedding, but decided on the day before, December 30th instead. The Bolling Haxall House was already decorated, so it fit in perfectly with their glitzy winter wedding theme. They went with classic winter wedding colors, navy, white, and gold which helped transform the space into a winter wonderland. The two wanted to keep the flowers simple with all white roses and hydrangeas for the bouquets and boutonnieres. “We had the entire wedding party at one large head table, then all of our guests at large round tables.” The centerpieces included the bridesmaid’s bouquets and beautiful white lanterns with theme-friendly garland inside. Their guestbook was a large wooden sign with the couple’s last name and the year they got married.

Favorite Part of the Day:
Danise explains, “My favorite part of the day was having everybody we love in one room. Obviously, my other favorite part was marrying the love of my life and my best friend.” For Ross, it was looking into Danise’s eyes as she walked down the aisle.

Biggest Challenge
“Not getting carried away and sticking to our budget.”

Best Advice:
“Get clear on your vision for your big day and be sure to communicate with your spouse about budget, before you get carried away planning!” Write down what your priorities are and where you spend the majority of your money. Try to think of what your guests will remember at the end of the night, and what actually matters to you!”